NEOCH Looking for Development/Public Relations Volunteers

The NEOCH Board has opened up some of their committees for volunteers to assist the agency.  We have two committees which we are looking for additional help and we have posted a job description on our website.  We have a nice board size right now, but we need additional help in fund raising and to create more visibility for the organization in Greater Cleveland.  We are looking for people who want to help dispel some of the myths about homelessness and have an ability to market the organization.  We are also looking for development experts who can help with our special events or want to write grants for the organization.  Some of the items that these committees have done in the past:

  • The Hand Up Gala
  • The pancake breakfast
  • The Post Card project
  • Regular press releases
  • Encouraging additional speaking engagements
  • Our on-line auction
  • Working to expand the Street Newspaper project.

We could use your help if you want to do some work behind the scenes to improve the local homeless coalition.  Check it out.

Brian Davis

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