Extreme Weather Plans in Cleveland for Homeless People

Many are worried about homeless people during this extreme weather.  Most of the shelters and social service providers are on the job today working to keep people safe.  The shelters stay open when it is this cold.  They do not turn people away and they do not make them leave during the day.  There are overnight warming places available (St. Malachi and Seasons of Hope for Women) that serve those who do not go to shelter. The City is also opening the Recreation Centers as warming centers.  The Plain Dealer's Tom Feran has done a series of articles on the cold here, here, and here.

Many outreach workers have gone out today and yesterday to convince those who are resistant to shelter to come inside.  NEOCH is coordinating this information and working to get everyone inside today.  We have three sites we are working on right now, but we think everyone is doing a good job staying safe.  The area we do not have very good coverage is East Cleveland.  I am not sure what is happening out there with those who sleep in abandoned buildings.  I do not know if there is outreach to them, and I am not sure what the City is doing to get those people inside.

The shelters never run out of space in Cleveland.  They will open overflow sites (City Mission, VOA, and a group of churches) if the entry shelters (2100 Lakeside and Norma Herr) are full.  We never turn people away including on the extreme weather nights.  If you want shelter in Cleveland, we will find a place for you.  RTA is working on a plan for today to provide transportation to some of these warming centers if people are in need and have no way to get to those places.   We will provide more information later.  Some of the groups are willing to offer short term motel stays if there is no other options in the community.  If you want to help, you can drop cold weather items at our office until 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and most Saturdays (3631 Perkins third floor--near CSU).  But don't go out if it is not necessary.  We have plenty of items at this point.  You could help refresh all the outreach teams with donations next week. 

Brian Davis

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