New Street Chronicle is on the Streets

The new issue of the Street Chronicle is now on the streets.  All the vendors have picked up their paper and are on the streets selling the paper.  A number of interns provided much of the content, which is exceptional for this paper.  We have a story about the new Veterans Center on Euclid Ave. and one about the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland. Many of the vendors added stories to this issue including one from Diana who was going blind while living in the shelters.  Delores reflected on her friend Linda, and Buzzy wrote about his new apartment.   An especially revealing article was from Jennifer who talked about the relationship between domestic violence and the child custody issues locally. 

There is a nice commentary about possible solutions to homelessness from staff of a current shelter.  There is a profile of a Cleveland Public School student who became homeless by another high school student.  One of our photography class graduates wrote a story about the food bank in her small town in Northwest Ohio, and Simona wrote a commentary about her impressions of Atlanta's treatment of homeless people.  Amazingly, she still likes Atlanta even though the City leadership mistreats those living in poverty.  

Laura, one of the summer interns at NEOCH wrote about the changes in the Social Security system which will only complicate the lives of homeless people.  We have discussed this issue on our website here.   Kathryn, our other fantastic intern, wrote about the Sub Zero Mission and their amazing coats that they gave out to homeless people this last winter.   Check it out when you see a vendor at the West Side Market or on the streets downtown with their colorful uniforms.

Brian Davis