Voting Press Release Issued by Secretary of State

The Ohio Secretary of State issued a press release about referrals of fraud to the Ohio Attorney.  This was a bizarre release about the lack of voter suppression in the last election, which was strange since we witnessed offensive billboards put up in the inner City of Cleveland.   The release claims that there was not an "epidemic," but there were some irregularities in the last election.  Out of 5.7 million voters, there were only 135 suspicious ballots which is the farthest away from an epidemic that you could ever get.  There was no discussion of the long lines that are a form of voter suppression.  There was no discussion of not allowing weekend voting another voter suppression activity.  There was just a chart with no real details about these cases. NEOCH will follow up with a Freedom of Information Act/Open Records request to find out about the referrals from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

We have written about this in more detail on our Homeless Voting blog here and you can link to the article in the Columbus Dispatch...

Brian Davis

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