Forest City Donates Supplies and Funds to Homeless People

Forest City Enterprises


Thanks to the staff at ForestCity Enterprises in Cleveland, Ohio for collecting hygiene items and delivering six big boxes today to our offices.  They have a "Jeans Day for Charity" program in which staff pay for the ability to wear jeans to work.  They took our list from our website and collected items such as soaps, toothpaste and deodorant, blankets, towels, and hand sanitizers.  They also donated over $1,700 to help NEOCH and our outreach efforts. 

We give out these donations as part of our Homeless Congress meetings and during our every other week outreach meetings.  We have outreach workers come to our office every two weeks and give out all the items we have collected to distribute on the streets.  We use these items to build relationships with those living outside or resistant to shelter with a hope that they will agree to come inside eventually.  We also provide items to the shelter at 2100 Lakeside, our state's largest shelter which provides overflow assistance to any man in the community who requests a place to stay at night. 

We forgot to thank the Cleveland Browns who provided a huge donation to 2100 Lakeside and West Side Catholic two weeks ago.  They both collected a busload of clothing items for homeless people nearly all with the Browns logo from the Brown's organization.  So there are many happy homeless people who will be fans or at least billboards for the Cleveland Browns this summer and fall.  Thanks to the Browns for their help. 

Thanks especially to the ForestCity Enterprise staff for picking out the homeless for their Jeans Day program in March.  They did a great job collecting just the items we said that we needed.  Homeless people thank all the employees for the help. 

Brian Davis

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