Former NEOCH Board Member Dies

When NEOCH was a much bigger organization and we had a larger board, Tony Gaskins was a member of the Board.   Gaskins worked at Channel 5 WEWS TV as a local reporter when he was on the NEOCH Board.  He really cared about some of the stories he covered including the stories about lower income people.   He left Channel 5 in 2006 and left the board.  Gaskins most recently did Public Affairs work for the City of Cleveland Channel 20.  As a Board member, he helped us better frame our message as we were dealing with some advocacy issues in the mid 2000s. He also was a good sounding board to run problems by regarding homeless people's interaction with local government.  

According to WEWS TV, Gaskins died of a heart attack this morning.  The current NEOCH will express our condolences to his family.  He leaves behind a son. 

Brian Davis

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