World Affairs Council Brings Mexican Students to Cleveland

I had the honor to discuss creating and building non-profit organizations at the request of the Cleveland Council of World Affairs with a group of future Mexican leaders.  These students were picked to come to the United States because they all had ideas for how to improve the lives of other Mexican teenagers in fragile cities.  They all had ideas for mentoring programs, after school engagement activities or small businesses to occupy the time of those thinking of leaving school.  They were all very curious and energetic about their projects. 

They asked great questions, and seemed anxious to get back to Mexico to put their ideas into practice. I was able to sit down with their group  They visited a number of cities in the United States and then will go back to their homes to implement their projects.  This was an exchange project so there were US young people in Mexico learning about alternatives to solving problems that plague our communities. 

I look forward to reading about the progress made by these young people in the next year. 

Brian Davis

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