Voting Hearing Gets Some Coverage

This was an important event to have a Congressional Hearing on Voting in Ohio.  It is a shame that the media did not cover this more.  The Plain Dealer covered this with a story here.  There was a story on WEWS Channel 5 here. I could not find any other stories. There were tons of African American clergy present, and many from the unions attended the hearing. The Plain Dealer said 200 people showed up to listen.  Senator Durbin and Brown presided over the hearing.  Our own Senator Portman and in fact no one from that side of the aisle attended.  Rep. Marcia Fudge was the only House member in attendence which was surprising.   This is the foundation of democracy, where were Kaptur, Kucinich, Latourette, Sutton, and Ryan?  There were so many critical issues raised about voting in Ohio and the two pieces of legislation passed by the Ohio legislature in 2011.  There was discussion about these voter suppression activities in the United States.  We will link to the transcript as soon as it is posted.  We have posted our written testimony that we submitted.  There were about 20 groups that submitted comments. 

We also filed a motion to have a lawsuit moved to federal court that challenges our lawsuit.  We have posted the press release about this issue on our website here. 

Brian Davis

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