Voting Hearing in Cleveland

The US Senate has announced a hearing for Cleveland Ohio on May 7, 2012.  Here are the initial details that we have received:

Field Hearing Details:  The Subcommittee on the Constitution Civil Rights and Human Rights will hold a field hearing examining the impact of the new state voting laws that have recently swept the country, including HB 194 in Ohio.  Among other things, HB 194 restricts early voting, limits the distribution of absentee ballots, and no longer requires poll workers to direct voters to their proper precincts.  The hearing will be held the morning of Monday, May 7, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is being organized Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois with assistance from Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. We encourage everyone who is concerned about the disenfranchisement of poor people at the ballot box to attend.  You might want to submit a statement if you have concerns:

  • about the length of time it takes to get birth certificate which is the basis for all ID.
  • about being challenged at the polling place when you attempt to vote.
  • about the disparity in some counties accepting a provisional ballot (why are the percentage of accepted provisional ballots so varied throughout the State of Ohio?)
  • about the value of Golden week where a voter can register and vote at the same time with plenty of time before the election for the board officials to determine the legitimacy of your registration.
  • about reducing the time to vote by mail or to early vote. 
  • about the board of elections being closed the weekend before the election when many people are thinking about voting and may want to exercise that vote on a normally leisurely weekend.

We have an entire section on homeless people participation in voting on our website here.