Cuyahoga County Addresses Homeless Voting

Cuyahoga County officials convened a meeting of all the shelters to talk about a plan to get homeless people to register and vote in the upcoming election.  Cuyahoga County is one of few communities in the United States that requires each publicly funded shelter submit a plan to get their residents to vote.  We applaud Cuyahoga County officials for supporting the 1990s Voter Motor law and seeing the importance of homeless people voting.  Approximately 35 staff members attended this April 19, 2012 meeting and will submit their plans to the County.  They will then track how many people are registered and then vote in November. This type of program should be replicated in every Continuum in the United States.

As one of the presenters at this forum, we have constructed a special section of our website on homeless voting.  We have a Voting Hub that includes our 2010 settlement as well as frequently asked questions and links to other resources.  If there are other things that you would like to see on our site let us know.  We believe that assisting homeless people with voting is one of our core activities for the agency. 

Brian Davis

Community Organizer