Blanket Drive Starts This Month

Thanks to UAW employees of ALCOA who kicked off our blanket donation drive with a sizable donations of blankets and other items, which went out the door to homeless people on the same day.  We collect blankets and other items for the winter to distribute to those sleeping outside.  We try to collect 500 to 1,000 blankets and distribute it to those who are resistant to shelter. People who sleep outside go through plastic and blankets quickly and need refresher gear every couple of weeks. 

If you collect more than 35 blankets, we will come out and pick them up.  This can be a small thing, but a blanket can be the ticket to building a trusting relationship with the guys on the streets.  It is a tool used by the outreach workers to relate to the individuals living outside. It is the first step toward returning to stabilty.  If you want to make a donation call us at 216/432-0540.

Brian Davis

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