New Paper on the Streets

The new issue of the Cleveland Street Chronicle is now on the streets.  It actually was on the street a couple of weeks back, we just overlooked it because of the election.  The new issue has Raymond and Buzzy on the front cover and has a lot of useful information contained inside. Issue 19.3 contains:

  • An article about the new Central Intake system in Cuyahoga County.
  • A Dispute between the City and the Paper was settled over vending laws and is featured.
  • A story about the inadequate funding for the Homeless Programs passed by the US House.
  • Stories from everyone of the long term vendors.  
  • A story about the changing definition of homelessness in the United States.
  • An overview of the new voting restrictions and all the disputes regarding this last election.
  • A feature on Ms. Valentine at the Cosgrove Center
  • A commentary about the choices people make when they are homeless
  • A commentary on the dramatic rise in family homelessness in Cleveland.
  • Poetry, photographs, and additional information.

As always, you can always pick up a copy of the paper at the West Side Market.  We have archives of the paper here.  The vendors would love your help by buying a paper.

Brian Davis

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