Cuyahoga County Council and County Executive Candidates Who Support Regulating the Shelters

The Homeless Congress asked every candidate running for the new Cuyahoga County Council and County Executive to support the adoption of some form of local shelter regulation that every publicly funded shelter will have to follow. While the two County Executive candidates who supported the regulations did not win, four of the candidates who won for County Council endorsed some form of regulation for the shelters.   For a look at the proposed Shelter Standards bill as adopted by the Homeless Congress click on here.   This is updated as of August 30, 2011.

County Council Candidates

District 2: Dale Miller

District 3: Dan Brady

District 4: Chuck Germana

District 7: Yvonne Conwell 

District 9: C. Ellen Connally 

District 10: Julian Rogers 

City Council Members Who  Supported Regulating the Shelters
The City Council candidates listed below all supported the adoption of some regulation of the emergency shelters in Cleveland during the 2009 campaign. These are the candidates who won their election:  

Ward 3: Joe Cimperman

Ward 4: Ken Johnson

Ward 5: Phyllis Cleveland

Ward 6: Mamie Mitchell

Ward 8: Jeffrey Johnson 

Ward 9: Kevin Conwell 

Ward 11: Michael D. Polensek 

Ward 13: Kevin Kelley

Ward 14: Brian Cummins 

Ward 15: Matt Zone

Ward 16: Jay Westbrook

Ward 17: Dona Brady

Ward 18: Martin Sweeney

We did hear from: Zachary Reed who said that he was still studying the issue? We also heard on 10/6/09 from Anthony Brancatelli who altered the form to condition his support on the understanding that the state of Ohio might already provide these regulations.  This is not an endorsement of the campaign with his additional commentary.

NEOCH can provide a tour of the shelters to any new candidate so that they can learn more about homelessness in Cuyahoga county. 

This story appeared on NEWS Channel 5 on October 14, 2010 after reporter John Kosich