My Son Was Shot Due to Gun Violence: How do We Keep Them Safe?

By Tammy Hobbs

I remember I wrote an article sometime back about gun violence. I never knew that it would have happened to me with my son. It’s been so hard and stressful going through the ordeal and aftermath of my son, my blood, my baby was shot due to gun violence. God, I could think of that moment when I got the call from my daughter telling me that my son had been shot. It was one of the scary, heart dropping experiences, ever had to deal with.

God spared my son life. And I have been thanking him ever since the day. I thought my son was gone to call home. Why that’s all I kept saying. I still don’t believe my son had been shot due to gun violence. Life is so short and precious, I always say this. And to know that is very important.

So many people have lost their lives to gun violence including babies! Is this ever going to end? Tomorrow is never promised. So parents, guardians, please hold your kids, your family; hold them close to your heart. And let them know you love them every day. My two kids are my life, my everything[KP1] .  The feeling of almost losing them has really changed my outlook on life.  It’s scary. I could never imagine living life without my two kids. My son and daughter are my everything. They are the reason I breathe every day.  Please everyone, keep your kids close to your heart and your family close also. But some don’t get to have another chance in life. A lot of babies and children and adults have lost their lives due gun violence.                              

So keep the Prayers and the Faith!  

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