Do You Want Her Back?

We were just faced with a dilemma recently at the Street Chronicle. One of our vendors was suspended for a year. Let me explain the root of her suspension and the fine points she has as a vendor. Before I tell you who it is let me explain the particulars. First, she has a nasty personality toward most of the vendors she works with. Second, she is disrespectful in the meetings that we have to determine who will work at the West Side Market. Third, she disregards the rules and regulations when she is suspended. Plus, a few other minor rules and infractions. The bright side of this conflict is that she is one of the leading vendors when it comes to selling the Street Chronicle. In most of the contest that we have, she is the Top seller hands down. You may see her anywhere Downtown, Rock n Roll of the Hall of Fame, Walmart, and other various locations. So even though she has some bad qualities, she does possess a few Good ones. Now, we have given her several chances since she came back to the Street Chronicle. Over the years she has been suspended numerous times for different rule infractions. Each time we have voted her back in to sell the Street Chronicle. Each time she has promised not to violate the rules again and each time she does. The rule she finally broke that got her an indefinite suspension was that she got caught selling the Street Chronicle while under suspension. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” She has begged and pleaded to come back, but I think most of the vendors are tired of giving her chance after chance, after chance. And are at their wits end. Finally, at this time we were aligned with the Downtown Alliance well during suspension, she was disrespectful to one of their representatives and was suspended once again. I, myself want to know how many chances shall we give this individual. Is enough ’nough? Or does she deserve one more ‘Bite of the Apple?’ This brings me to the crucial question that I propose to the general public and our customers. Do you want her back? The vendor that I am writing about is Delores, a middle-aged woman who has been selling the Street Chronicle for quite some time, as well as when previously known as the Homeless Grapevine. I write this article because the Vendors are conflicted over all of this. So I come to the public to see if putting her on a year or better suspension is too harsh? If, you remember who she is we would like your feedback after you read this article. Unfortunately, as I was writing this article I was informed that Delores was suspended indefinitely for disobeying yet another rule. I guess some people don’t know how good they have something until it is taken away. I, myself feel sorry for her because with all her faults she was still a member of the Street Chronicle vendor family. I was taught that the two most important things is God and Family, and now I don’t even believe she has Family. “What a waste of her potential. In closing I would like to say these words to Delores if she happens to read this article. Everyone was not against you sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot. I wish you the best in your endeavors; and learn it’s not, nice to fool Mother Nature. “Smile”

Editor’s Note: Buzzy represented the vendor’s position in the appeal before a three person committee at the Coalition. Delores had an advocate represent her. There is a possibility of her getting a reduction in her suspension if she can demonstrate that she has addressed her issues.

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