By Ken Smith

I was a tenant at one of the HUD housing apartments for 8 years and seem line the owner of the building that I stayed in didn’t care about some of the tenants rights.

I had a part time job, which required me to travel out of town.  Each year when I went out of town, someone or some force would kick my door in.   First time I asked the manager to turn the camera towards our side of the building, they did not pay any attention, and didn’t turn the camera to my side.  So basically the owner didn’t care about our side of the building.

The people on the south side of the building did not have cameras, only the north side of the building got support from the cameras.  Every time I went out of town for the part time job, there were someone or force that would kick my door in because they knew the south side of the building did not support the camera action that is why the people on the south side of the building kept getting kicked in because the owner of the building didn’t want to spend money to make the cameras

Spin around so we had to make loses because of his greed.  That is was is not fair, all the tenants have stories, this true story happened to me, Ken Smith – downtown Cleveland.

Copyright, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and the Cleveland Street Chronicle in December 2011.