Commentary: Why I Have Terrible Headaches?

Why I have Terrible Headaches?

 Commentary by Raymond Jacobs

 On August 29, 2011, while walking thru Public Square about 11 p.m., I was approached by a male whose intent was to assault and rob me. During this encounter, while resisting the assault, I was stabbed in the head.

 Since the assault, I’ve had ongoing headaches. I have also wondered,  “Where were the police?” Shortly after the assault I sought out help.  I received this assistance from a private security guard who was working with a film company.  This security guard telephoned the police department to report the assault and also request EMS service.

 During this assault, I was robbed of only $10.00 dollars and now have an ongoing headache, and a loss of vision in my right eye, which never seems to go away. I also can’t seem to stop asking the question, “Where were the police?”  These ongoing headaches had helped me to realize and understand that the protection and safety of homeless people is not a primary concern of the law enforcement of the City of Cleveland.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless in December 2011 in Cleveland.