Commentary: How Do I Re-Start My Life?

I Am Working Toward the Third Start of My Life

 By: Mike Vorhees

My life is getting better by living in the Volunteers of America shelter and by going to meetings and by doing what I’m supposed to do and not just what I want do. My life has also gotten better by me changing, by going out and doing outreach, and by sharing how my life has changed with others. I can now rest at peace at night. I eat three meals a day. I shower every night instead of one a week or not at all. I don’t worry anymore about how I’m going to get money for alcohol today. I get up every day, say my prayers on my knees, and read my meditation books.

I’m having hip surgery in February. As long as I stay sober, things will work out for me. I also feel pretty good about being sober these last six and a half months. My life has changed dramatically for the better since being sober. I don’t have to worry about sleeping under a bridge. I don’t have to worry about the police arresting me. I don’t have to worry about being beaten up. Basically I can go where I want to go; when I was drunk, people didn’t want me around. I was an idiot when I was drunk. The only people who wanted me around when I was drunk were the people that were helping me use and/or using me to use. There are some people that I used to talk to when I was using that won’t even talk to me anymore now that I’m sober. I now see that my real friends are the ones that want to help me stay sober and have better for myself, the ones that show me respect.

Now that I’m six and a half months sober, I’ve been working with my MHS case worker about housing. As long as I stay sober, whatever I want will come true. What I am looking for in life is having a home of my own, staying sober one day at a time, and helping another person out with troubles they are having. My goal is to be a street outreach worker for one of the homeless agencies of Greater Cleveland. I want to maybe help someone who’s an active alcoholic or drug addict to better their lives for them and everyone around them. I’m very happy to be able to write this story for this paper. God Bless you. And until then, may God keep you. Amen. If you have any further questions, you can contact me through NEOCH.

Copyright, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and the Cleveland Street Chronicle in December 2011.