strategic Plan: 2017-2020


The Board worked on this Strategic Plan in the summer of 2016, but then redesigned the objectives after the November 2016 election.  The agency is trying to stay relevant in the current world of government austerity and reductions in emergency services.  The Board also had to take into account new leadership at NEOCH. This plan was approved in March 2017.  The board intends to work on detailed action steps associated with each of these objectives. 

Our Mission

To organize and empower homeless and at risk families and individuals with the goal of ending homelessness through public education, advocacy and the creation of nurturing, sustainable environments.

Our Values

  1. NEOCH affirms the dignity of all people.
  2. All people have a right to safe, decent, affordable, accessible housing.
  3. Housing, food, health care and livable incomes are basic human rights.
  4. The criminalization of homelessness is morally, ethically and legally unacceptable.
  5. People experiencing homelessness must be actively engaged in leading the movement to end homelessness.
  6. We believe that amplifying the voice of those who have experienced homelessness and providing public education can dispel myths and improves public policy.
  7. Public policy makers and elected leaders must be held accountable for systemic and structural issues related to homelessness, hunger, income inequality and health care disparity at the local, state and national level.
  8. We believe outreach to people without housing where they currently reside is critical to building a trusting relationship and is key to moving them to safe and stable places to live.
  9. We believe that attitudinal changes can create the political and moral will to end homelessness.
  10. Volunteers are keys to the success of our projects and objectives.
  11. NEOCH serves all those who are in danger of becoming homeless or those currently experiencing homelessness by working toward solutions that provide improvement in the community.
  12. Everyone has the right to register to vote no matter their housing status. Everyone has the right to cast a ballot and have it counted, and they should have the opportunity to change their address frequently without jeopardizing their ability to vote.
  13. A diversity of voices representing all the subpopulations that make up the homeless population including social service providers, is important for building collaborations.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Protect, preserve, and expand the civil rights of people experiencing homelessness.
  2. Work to ensure that the homeless community is not harmed if/when there are changes to Medicaid/Medicare.
  3. Work to preserve and protect affordable and subsidized housing.
  4. Organize a local pool of resources to creatively meet the basic needs of the homeless community given the continued challenges related to federal funding priority changes.
  5. To preserve ‘Guaranteed Access’ and the prevailing ‘no one turned away’ policy in Cuyahoga County that ensures everyone in the community the right to a shelter bed; and to work toward expanding this to everyone in Northeast Ohio.
  6. Mobilize people experiencing homelessness to achieve improvement in their community.
  7. Provide a venue for activists, social service providers and homeless people to organize and mobilize groups to support the NEOCH policy agenda and improve community understanding of homelessness.
  8. Actively listen to those currently experiencing homelessness and intentionally respond to their concerns with initiative and leadership.
  9. Continue to enhance and expand our Training Services to social justice organizations, service providers and other community partners.
  10. Sustain and expand current operations by improving and diversifying funding sources.
  11. Continue to promote strong governance to ensure the organization remains relevant, vibrant and stable.
  12. Develop resources to expand the operations of the organization in a few high priority areas identified by the Board of Trustees.