The unfortunate circumstances and hardships that our homeless neighbors face are enormous and certainly not of their choosing. Thousands of residents sleep outside, on the pavement, and in abandoned buildings and in the sweltering summer heat. Seeing and hearing the heartbreaking stories from people who are homeless deeply moved us to action.

SocksPLUS Campaign

The Community West Foundation along with a number of social service and religious providers launched our SocksPLUS Initiative to help collect Socks PLUS other essential items needed by the homeless. And, for thousands of Cleveland’s homeless men, women and children socks are a gift that’s never taken for granted. In fact, they are the item most requested by anyone living outside.

The needs of the poor and homeless are constant throughout the year. During the fall and harsh winter months, socks, gloves, hats, boots and warm clothing protect them from frostbite and hypothermia. In the spring, it’s important to have water-resistant blankets and clothing to stay dry. In the summer, backpacks, bottled water, insect repellent and toiletries are in high demand.

Community West Foundation places the health and well-being of our community above all else and we hope you will join our efforts to help the least among us. We encourage you to contribute in your own way by sharing your time, support, ideas, and SOCKS.

Here are some ideas and ways YOU can support SocksPLUS.

Plan A Crazy Sock Day at School or the Office

Wear crazy, colorful, even mismatched socks to school or to the office and donate one pair of socks to the SocksPLUS campaign. Students make sure to coordinate with your school principals before launching. Post your event success to the Community West Foundation Facebook page and let the community know about your amazing work. Community West would love to see pictures!

Hold a Sock Hop

It’s time for a good old fashioned sock hop event in the school gym, auditorium or other public place. The price of admission is a pair of socks. (Cash donations also accepted.) Team up with your friends and play some great music, dance, and have fun. Let’s gather some socks for SocksPLUS!

Have a Run/Walk for the Homeless

Runners and Walkers can support SocksPLUS by registering for a run or walk. Collect donations for each mile. Gather your friends and family members to help raise funds for SocksPLUS. Share your stories!

Here are some other items that we accept as part of the SocksPlus Program. NEOCH can pick up the donations once you are done with the SocksPlus drive.   Call us to schedule a time.

Here is a flyer that you can print out and circulate.

If you are a school, church or organization looking to conduct a donation drive or fundraiser for SocksPLUS, contact Community West Foundation.

  • Plan your theme. Why not plan a Sock Hop, a Run, or Walk-a-thon or something completely original!?
  • Promote your event. Put up posters and brochures. Call Community West Foundation and they can help advertise in local papers, radio, television ad/coverage, and social media.
  • Put your socks on. Help us create awareness and raise funds for our homeless neighbors. Take selfies and place them on Facebook (Search Community West Foundation). Share them with your friends.
  • Call us to coordinate socks pick-up with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.
  • Share your story of support for SocksPLUS. Help us spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!
  • Send donations to the Community West Foundation with your name and address so that we can say thank you. You can even donate through PayPal on the website.
  • We will give your school, church, or organization public recognition for your efforts!


  • New Socks
  • Blankets
  • Coats
  • RTA one-day bus tickets
  • Toiletries
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water bottles
  • Towels/hand wash cloths and tissues
  • Back packs, gym bags, and tents


  • $10 will supply 10 pairs of Socks.
  • $30 will supply 10 pairs of Socks PLUS gloves and a hat.
  • $40 will supply 10 pairs of Socks PLUS gloves, a hat, and shoes.
  • $60 will supply 10 pairs of Socks PLUS gloves, a hat, shoes, and heavy-duty winter boots.
  • $100 will supply a backpack filled with 10 pairs of Socks PLUS gloves, a hat, shoes, and heavy-duty winter boots.

Thank you for supporting SocksPLUS!