Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries – 2100 Lakeside Men’s Facility



     This is the 2016 updated Consumer Satisfaction Survey Report to assess how effective the services are at the 2100 Lakeside Shelter operated by Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry.  This was conducted on paper to gauge the overall satisfaction by residents with the services provided, and to find out where improvements are needed.  It is also to compare to the 2014 results and the changes that have been made over the last few years.  The surveys were conducted over a period of two months in the summer of 2016.

     The NEOCH Public Outreach worker went to the men’s shelter at 2100 Lakeside Avenue and explained the surveys and asked them to complete one.  Some of the residents completed the survey on their own and she assisted anyone that needed help to complete it.  Some surveys were left at the different communities to give any resident that didn’t complete one a chance to do so. They were returned to staff, Charlie Hurst—the client rights officer, and returned directly to NEOCH staff.

     Surveys were also completed at the drop-in centers where some residents go once they leave the shelter.  It was also explained that the surveys were only for current residents of the shelter or any one that was a resident within and up to a year prior.  We originally had 128 surveys completed, but the residents felt there were some gaps especially in under-representation by the Emergency community.  We went back and surveyed an additional 26 individuals for a total of 154 unique individuals responding.  Some answers were left blank.  The information gathered from the surveys was used to present the information being given to you today. 

1. Breakdown of the Communities that responded within Lakeside Shelter    

Veteran   14  

Independence  41

Gateway  31

 Emergency  29

 Passages   11

 Central Intake   19

 Did not answer  9

2. What, if anything, prevents you from getting a good night's sleep within your community? (Participants were allowed to select multiple answers.) Some other answers which were provided as comments are at the bottom.

Noise from TV  15

Medical Condition  24

Emotional/Mental Concerns  37

Theft  40

Nothing, I sleep soundly  38

Noise from others  66


Other Comments:  Stress, Guys Coming In After 2 a.m. High/Drunk, Third Shift Turns Radio Up Loud, Working at night, Hate & Racism, Guards with flashlights, Drug withdrawal, People up walking around obnoxious, Cold draft of air conditioner, The door is near where I sleep. Staff radios all hours of the night, Constant people in and out of the community that don’t belong there, Bedbugs, Need to put mental people in a mental area, 3rd shift monitor, No permanent bed, Staff, People smell really bad and some make an abundance of noise, Not enough to eat.


 Select a number from 1-5, indicating your level of satisfaction with the SERVICE.

      A. extremely satisfied     B. satisfied    C. sometimes satisfied     D. dissatisfied     F. extremely dissatisfied


3.  With regards to the services I’m receiving in the area of FOOD SERVICE, I’m:


Extremely Satisfied  7

Satisfied  28

Sometimes Satisfied  52

Dissatisfied  22

Extremely Dissatisfied  38




4. With regard to the quality of food I'm receiving for dinner, I'm

Extremely satisfied  5

Satisfied  14

Sometimes Satisfied  52

Dissatisfied  42

Extremely Dissatisfied  34


5. With regards to the satisfaction with the services I'm receiving from MAINTENANCE, I'm

Extremely Satisfied  20

Satisfied  59

Sometimes Satisfied  35

Dissatisfied  19

Extremely Dissatisfied  14


6. With regards to the satisfaction with the services I'm receiving from the PROGRAM STAFF, I'm:

Extremely Satisfied  26

Satisfied  54

Sometimes Satisfied  36

Dissatisfied  21

Extremely Dissatisfied  9


7. With regards to the satisfaction with the services I'm receiving from MONITORING STAFF, I'm:


Extremely Satisfied  20

Satisfied  24

Sometimes Satisfied  40

Dissatisfied  47

Extremely Dissatisfied  22





8. With regards to the satisfaction with the service I'm receiving from LAUNDRY SERVICES, I'm:

Extremely Satisfied  34

Satisfied  53

Sometimes Satisfied  33

Dissatisfied  14

Extremely Dissatisfied  12


9. Do you believe that you have benefited from the SERVICES and PROGRAMS you have received at the shelter?

YES 90 

NO 29


Please evaluate the staff and select a number from 1-5, indicating your level of satisfaction in the area of being treated with RESPECT and KNOWLEDGE.

 A. extremely satisfied     B. satisfied    C. sometimes satisfied     D. dissatisfied     F extremely dissatisfied



(Community Co-ordinators, Facilitators, Aides)



(Monitors, Security?)


(Kitchen help, Servers)


STAFF (Repairs, Cleaning)




(Directors, Program Operations, Adminstrative Assistant)


Veteran's Staff?

17. Community Volunteers?


18. Care Alliance?


19. ARE YOU TREATED WITH RESPECT? Highest to Lowest weighted against the number of responses

Care Alliance

Community Volunteers

Lakeside Program Staff

Veterans Staff

Maintenance, Clean Up and Laundry Staff

Administration Staff

Operations Staff

Work Experience Trainee Staff

Central Kitchen Staff


20. Are Staff Knowledgable About Services? Highest to Lowest weighted

Program Staff

Care Alliance Staff

Veterans Staff

Administration Staff

Maintenance, Clean Up and Laundry Staff

Community Volunteers

Operations Staff

Work Experience Trainee Staff

Central Kitchen Staff


21. How long have you or were you receiving services at the shelter?

0-3 months  67

4-6 months  23

7-12 months  18

Over one year  34


22. My housing plan is...


Using Programs (EDEN, VA, CMHA)  18

Unsure but Moving  15

Get Job and Save  13

Up in Air  6

Rehab or Sober Living  4


Other responses included: Get an apartment, be out of the shelter, find housing, just leave, move out of the E community, to get out forever, help from a case worker, moving out of state, medical assistance.


23. And I expect to be out of shelter/into housing within:

Unsure  25

2 months  15


24. I have been informed about and understand shelter rules/policies.

Yes  135

No  15


25. Have you been informed about and understand the grievance process?

Yes  102

No  39


26. Have you been given a grievance form when requested?

Yes  29

No  22

Have not asked  63


27. Do you think that the grievance process is fair?

Yes  49

No  13

Do not know process  36


28. Have you been encouraged by staff to participate in the shelter's programs?

Yes  87

No  35


29. Do you get paid for work outside the shelter (20 or more hours per week)?

Yes  26

No  85


30. Has the staff helped you to become more aware of or involved with other community resources?

Yes  68

No 51

Never Asked  1

Examples: Schooling, Medical, Computer Labs, Cosgrove, Food Stamps, Housing, VA Programs, SDS, Weekly Alcohol/Drug Meetings, SSI, Job Lead One-on-One, Frontline, Care Alliance, Children and Families Services, Blind Society, Legal, Various Resources.


31. Have you benefitted from any services provided by the volunteer program here at the shelter (i.e. legal clinic, poetry, computer lab, listening program...etc.)

Yes  81

No  31

Comments: Able to Apply for Jobs at Computer Lab, Able to Check E-Mail, Motivational Thinking, Yoga, Poetry, Care Alliance, Current Affairs, Library, Bible Study, Pet Therapy, I began in clothing room, now in monitoring, Legal


32. Are you a parent?

Yes  74

No  44


33. What other services or programs do you want offered at the shelter? (Check as many as apply)

Assistance with housing  69

Motivation intervention  25

Job training  46

Anger management  29

Drug/Alcohol counseling  34

Clothing  48

Mental health services   39

Assistance with child support modification  21

Gambling Addiction  7

Better housing for single young males  1


33. What are your biggest barriers to housing? (Check no more than three)

Other... Utility bills, Getting help, the qualifications of getting a house, is not for me


34. Name three things that you like about the shelter.


Other responses submitted


35. Name three things that you want improved at the shelter.

Other responses submitted


36. *Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to make?*