Government Without A Heart

We want a Country without violence
But our government leaders
Who say they decry violence and hate
Are reeking violence against
the poor, elderly and disabled
of this land
By a stroke of their social service
and health care cut-off plans.
If our leaders have no comparison
If their hearts are shriveled dry
in their chest,
How can they lead the way to bring
Forth our citizens' best?
Cutting off help for the poor
and our old folks
Is Violence and hate
Throwing people out, like garbage,
To die on the streets
as their fate.
You Scapegoat the Poor
By slandering our names
Calling us criminal and insane
Building prisons and jail cells
To house us without bail
Is violence and hate-
You don't seem to care
We have no homes to begin with
that we're
living in a homeless hell;
You are blind in your ruling class
prejudiced myths.
Death to the Poor
Is Violence and Hate
And we will not tolerate the Poor
Suffering this fate.


Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published January – February 1996 Issue 13