Media Stories about the House of Payne Over the Last Few Years

WCPN Radio on the Contract in May 2017.

WEWS TV5 Report on the Number of Safety Calls.

Scene Magazine Story on the Women's Shelter Contract.

WEWS TV5 Report on the Overcrowded Condition.

WEWS TV5 Report on the Overcrowded Condition.

Cleveland Scene Magazine Resident want Change. February 2017.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Article on Cuyahoga County Meeting. May 2016.

All of these stories about the conditions that exist at the Women's Shelter in Cleveland, and yet Cuyahoga County has decided to continue to provide the $2 million in funding of public tax dollars to Frontline Services in 2017.  They had the opportunity to turn over the facility to another social service provider, but instead gave the contract back to the existing provider (for the past 12 years) in the community.